Spanish League (Day 37): Karanka reactions


Aitor Karanka in Villarreal press conference
Aitor Karanka after Villarreal match

"There were three points at stake for us that weren't really going to affect the standings, but there were other motivational factors for us in the game, such as Cristiano Ronaldo's chance to equal an historic record. The three goals we scored tonight make us the top scoring side in the championship. Small motivations allow the team to end the season in top form".

"We gave a very good performance in the first half, but we maybe lacked concentration after half-time given our 2-0 lead. Villarreal played their game. We showcased more quality in the first half and harder work in the second. For a moment, it looked we would draw 2-2, but we eventually won 3-1".

"Frankly, Villarreal have had a very good season. They've qualified for the Champions League thanks to their quality players. They made us suffer at the Bernabeu with their excellent football. They once again proved to be a great side tonight".

"Undiano Mallenco is a referee in the style of Mateu Lahoz. He is impartial and allows teams to play their game. These referees make for better matches because they allow both teams to play football".

"We still have to play one game on Wednesday to help those affected by the Lorca disaster. We are very excited to be able to help them. On Sunday we'll play our final game against Almeria".

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