Cristiano reconciles Carvalho and Pepe

Cristiano Ronaldo was the architect of reconciliation between Carvalho and Pepe. He wanted the bad vibes and the controversy could finalize yesterday. The seven, captain of Portugal and one of the heavyweights of Real Madrid, walked among his countrymen toward the three Valdebebas field. In public, with cameras present, he got together with his two companions and led to a hug with the defenders that sealed a final peace.

The striker grabbed Pepe by his shoulder and took him to Carvalho, who was one meter from them. Between jokes, Cristiano joined them in an embrace. Joining them Marcelo and Coentrao witnessed the scene. The Brazilian applauded smiling the reconciliation of their peers.

After the embrace and laughs, Pepe and Carvalho continued talking together and removed the last problems as they walked towards the pitch. They talked until they started to work. Then, with peace, Pepe stood by Cristiano and Coentrao, while Carvalho began to train with Kaka.

The situation was different from that experienced in training on Tuesday, where Portuguese defenders were not crossed a look. The problem was within the team when Carvalho noted to his companion as the cause for leaving Portugal national team: "I ​​left the national team due to an injustice. Pepe, without training, would play as starter". Seven days later everything is back to normal.

Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carvalho

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