Racing 0 - 0 Real Madrid (Spanish League Day 5)

The bone injury caused by overuse is called stress fracture, but this is not the way we want to take. Here and now call stress fracture to the psychic collapse causing maximum stress situations. In the same way that the teams are passed of top phisycal conditions, the groups can be melted by excessive motivation. Real Madrid gives that impression, a team clogged by Mourinho. The Portuguese coach has sent so many times his players to the war that the players suffer the stress of the soldier, the huge collapse that produces the combination of anxiety and depression.

Teams that want to get rid of their coaches, play like Real Madrid did yesterday. I do not think there was a deliberate plan to force such a thing. I bet most players still believe in their coach, but I do not konw if blindly or the eyes begin to open. However, the subconscious is whimsical and subversive. And yesterday there was a collective subconscious reaction, almost a sit-down strike, a fact that now we can only guess. Maybe it was the response to Mourinho's purges or favoritism towards the clan (of the Portugueses). Or maybe it happens that the players have become deaf after the heavy noise around the team, the club and Mourinho.

Bad day for Real Madrid

It must be stressed. What is more surprising is the general collapse. A shot to the Racing Santander goal in the first half, an innocent header by Callejon. Then in the second half, slightly more heart than football. To Toño, Racing goalkeeper, sometimes suffered acrobat, was enough to dominate the air to look like Yashin. Racing, which had conceded eight goals in three games, weathered the storm with amazing ease. Against Sporting will suffer more in the next day.

Because Racing, with the respect and recognition of his heroism, is a very limited team. At this date is waiting for the miracle of Cuper, which this time will be enough with the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. It has little and yesterday was even less. Without Kennedy, Colsa, Arana and Acosta. Five debutants in the starting lineup, including a boy of 18 years, Jairo, who won several rounds against Marcelo. To draw in these circumstances is like winning the game and it would have been win the heaven if Casillas had not saved a shot by Serrano that smelled strongly to goal.

In Real Madrid, nobody. Sad officials, people working. You can only play so bad if the head is somewhere else, if problems are around, missing illusion. It also influences the lack of joy, of course. Mourinho has transformed the game in a vindictive twist: you have to win to take revenge, to close mouths and destroy hypocrisy.

It is increasingly clear that the glow of the Spanish Super Cup was scheduled to sprint without much travel. With that momentum the team won in Zaragoza and without it, team sinks against the cinderellas of the tournament. Neither Cristiano, even. A little of Varane and a lot of nothing. This has only just begun, say the optimists. But it has started bad.


Stadium: El Sardinero
Attendance: 12,000

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