Morata: "Mourinho knows I am ready"

Morata (Oviedo vs Real Madrid)
Morata (Oviedo vs Real Madrid)

Do you see yourself as a third striker of the squad?
I feel I have much to work and learn. In the first team there are great players and I try to copy them in everything I can. It's a luxury to work every day with them. I learn, especially with those players in my position, Cristiano, Benzema, Higuain, Callejon...

Have you spoken to Mourinho to define your role in the 2012-13 season?
Yes, he is happy with me and I'll play when I have to do. My role? He knows I'll give everything and I'm ready. If ever a player is out or the coach needs me to play, I will give everything for this shirt.

What do you want? To play for Real Madrid or find an opportunity to play more minutes as Carvajal has done?
I want to keep improving as a player and when I have an opportunity, play my best. My intention is to be ready in every moment.

But you want to share dressing room with Benzema and Higuain, right?
I belong to Real Madrid and I have always accepted everything they have said me. If they tell me to play with the first team, I will. If they say I should play with the second team, as well I accept it. Play minutes, is good for me.

How is the preseason work with Mourinho?
We are well physically with double sessions of training. All youth players are tremendously excited because training with the first team means you'll be a better player.

You were close to score against Real Oviedo in the first preseason game. What did you feel?
At the end you have to focus on your performance. I have to keep improving. It was the first preseason game and the result was good because we had just one week of training.

Real Madrid plays these matches of summer with many footballers of the youth squad...
It is an honor. The coach and the fans know that we do our best each game and training.

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