Mourinho is trying to bring Modric to the U.S.A. tour

Mourinho has taken a step forward in the case Modric and still continues making efforts to try to sign the Croatian player before the start of the Real Madrid U.S.A tour. The Portuguese coach is personally leading the negotiations as general manager of the football section.

Modric arriving to a training in Chigwell
Modric arriving to a training 

His relationship with Daniel Levy is more than good. They known personally from some years. In fact, Levy made ​​great efforts to bring him as coach at Tottenham when Mourinho left Chelsea. But in the end it did not work. Then, they have maintained a friendly relationship. They met, for example, a few months ago in a U.S.A. private trip. It was at JFK airport in New York. They were more than an hour chatting while waiting for the connection of their respective flights.

Mourinho knows it is a matter of time that the positions of both clubs approach in the same figure (Tottenham wants 45 million euros and Real Madrid is not willing to pay more than 35). And he is not worried about the PSG interest in the footballer. The French team will offer six million net per season to Modric but the player is determined to move to Real Madrid (he will charge 5 millions euros net).

The Croatian continues training with Pienaar (a Villas-Boas discard) at the facilities of the English club in Chigwell. If on August 1 (when Tottenham comes back from its U.S.A. tour) has not finalized the transfer, Modric will be required to return to the trainings of the Spurs. Yesterday, the Telegraph speculated on a possible meeting between Real Madrid members and the player agents, but has not transcended anything about that meeting.

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